Tetilla (Galician: Queixo de Tetilla, Spanish: Queso de Tetilla) is the most characteristic cheese made in Galicia, and one of the four Galician cheeses with certification of origin.

Originally produced in small towns along the border between La Coruña and Pontevedra like Arzúa, Melide, Curtis or Sobrado dos Monxes, it is now produced in all of Galicia. The milk used comes from the "rubia gallega" cow breed.

The name tetilla (Spanish for small breast) describes the shape of the cheese, a sort of cone topped by a nipple, or a half pear (hence its other denomination, perilla cheese or queso de perilla). It weighs from half to one and a half kg, with a diameter and height ranging from 90 to 150 millimeters.