Prästost ("priest cheese", sometimes spelled prastost or prestost) is a Swedish cheese with historical roots in Sweden's one-time custom of paying tithes with agricultural goods including milk. It was common for the church to make cheese from this milk from the 16th though 19th centuries. Today, this style of cheese once produced in churches across Sweden is factory-made from pasteurized cow's milk. The shortened name Präst was granted European Union trademark protection in 2001.

Prästost is sometimes soaked or cured in whisky or other spirits; Saaland Pfarr is one such whisky-soaked variant. A version of prästost aged for 12 months and cured in Absolut vodka has been marketed as VODCheese.

A 1969 USDA booklet describes the manufacturing technique for one whisky-cured style of prästost: