Lancashire is a crumbly English cow's-milk cheese, and considered one of the premier products of the county. Many local farms produce this famous cheese, and it is associated, historically, with the town of Leigh. Lancashire cheese can be classified as either "crumbly", "tasty" or "creamy". As it does not go stringy when melted, some consider it a favourite for Welsh rarebit.

Lancashire cheese is often featured on supermarket cheese counters although, like many other cheeses, this product tastes substantially different from those varieties made on the many farms that produce it. The commercially widespread Lancashire cheeses tend to be matured for only 6–8 weeks, resulting in a crumbly, fresh, high-acid cheese. Longer aging, approximately five months for "toaster" and 6–8 months for "tasty", results in a creamier texture, and a deeper, nuttier, smoother flavour.

Traditionally paired with Eccles cakes and Chorley cakes.