All cheeses from Bulgaria

Kashkaval deriving from the Italian Caciocavallo (Bulgarian and Macedonian: кашкавал, pronounced [kaʃkaˈval]; Turkish: kaşkaval Serbian: качкаваљ or kačkavalj) is a specific type of yellow sheep milk cheese. However, in Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia and Serbia, the term is often used to refer to all yellow cheeses (or even any cheese other than sirene). In English-language menus in Bulgaria, "кашкавал" is always translated as "yellow cheese" (whereas sirene is usually translated as "white cheese" or simply "cheese".)

Similarly, in Romania, caşcaval is used to refer to a number of types of yellow cheese. The word Kashkaval is derived from caciocavallo, an Italian provolone-style cheese.

In Syria and Lebanon, this type of cheese is also called kashkawan (Arabic: قشقوان‎), and it is used as a topping for manakish.

In Egyptian dialect of Arabic it is called Gibna Romi (i.e. Roman cheese).