Durrus is a washed rind cow's milk cheese from Ireland. It was invented by Jeffa Gill in 1979, and is made by traditional methods. Durrus is produced in the valley of Coomkeen, on the Sheep's Head Peninsula in the southwest corner of Ireland, where local herds provide the raw milk needed to make it.

Durrus is a round, semi-soft cheese. It has a pale interior with a pinkish, yellow-gray rind. It is aged for 3 to 5 weeks to allow the flavour to mature. It has a mild and creamy taste that becomes stronger and fruitier as it ages. The odour is mild to strong, depending on age. Durrus should be served at room temperature, and is best with fruit (especially pears), toast, and in fondue.

Durrus has won many awards from competitions such as the IFEX International Cheese Awards, the World Cheese Awards, and the British Cheese Awards. In 2005, it won the IFEX Irish Farmhouse Cheese Maker of the Year award.