A cheese produced in Chimay, Belgium under the historic guidance of the monks who originally produced cheeses within the Trappist monastery and community. The cheese is made from cow's milk and is considered to be a semi-soft pressed cheese. Pressed cheeses are manufactured by churning the curds until they are very small in size at which point they are reheated to harden the curd in order to create a stiffer paste. The suspended whey is then extracted into a mould where it is formed into a small round wheel of cheese that is then removed from the mould and brine cured for only a few hours. Following the brine bath the Chimay cheese is salted and stored in cool moist cellars to age for several months.

Chimay cheeses provide a smooth, creamy textured cheese that is rich flavored and aromatic. Keep the cheese refrigerated in the lower section of the refrigerator until ready for use and if desired, allow it to sit a room temperature for an hour before serving. It is the advice of the Abby monks to allow the cheese to rest at room temperature to enhance the flavor considerably.