Ardrahan is a semi-soft cheese made from cow's milk. It originates from Ardrahan Farmhouse, Kanturk, Co. Cork in Ireland. Ardrahan cheese is made with traditional homemade techniques. Eugene and Mary Burns first made Ardrahan on their farm in County Cork in 1983. This Irish cheese is made entirely from the milk of the Burns' cow herd, which is comprised of Friesian cows.

It is a vegetarian cheese made with whole milk and vegetarian rennet. It has a 25% fat content.

Ardrahan cheese has a unique flavour. It has an earthy, farmhouse taste and aroma, and also a zesty tang that enhances the rich buttery and meaty flavour. It has a smooth texture. This cheese is usually made in a wheel shape, and has an edible, full-bodied rind and a deep yellow interior. Ardrahan's interior is firm and slightly chalky. It usually matures in four to eight weeks.

Ardrahan has won many awards, including multiple medals from the British Cheese Awards.